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Business Intelligence (OBIEE)

Oracle Business Intelligence skins are built individually by our designers, using the official Oracle method to maintain all your existing functionality and features.

Why choose Skins4Oracle?

In order to create a full Business Intelligence skin, we must provide 100s of new stylesheet and 1000s of new images to create a branded theme, unique to your business! This is a difficult task that we are specialized in, and our experience can save your project time and money, with skins created in just 2 weeks at a fixed price.

Our skins will also convert all your existing graphs to your chosen color scheme, and we can even change the default color picker to help ensure consistency across your business!

Features List.

Our skins can change almost every aspect of the Business Intelligence User Interface (UI), helping to transform the User Experience (UX) and make your Business Intelligence application unique.

Fonts / Buttons / Colors

We can control the general color scheme and include custom fonts, button designs and hover effects.

Icon Repository

Use a specific set of icons from your brand repository or a set recommended by us.

Default Graph Color Schemes

All your existing BI reports will automatically pick up a new color scheme with default series colors.

Custom Login Screen

Create a great first impression with a designer login page.

Default Color Pickers

Make sure your users can only choose approved colors when creating new BI content.

Rename your Application

Change any text and messages in the system including giving your application a custom name.




We can develop Oracle Business Intelligence skins in just 2 weeks!

Once we develop a skin, we then ask customers to test it and feedback if they want any changes. Some customers are happy with the first version, others require several iterations until they are 100% happy. Ideally you should aim for a 2-3 iteration cycle, but we don't charge extra if it takes longer.

Typically expect around an 8-10 week period between project start and go-live.


Our latest OBIEE Pricing is listed below. All prices are FIXED and there is no additional cost for the type of design.

Single Page

  • Best for:
  • Login Page


  • best for:
  • Existing Customers

Full Skin

Most Popular
  • best for:
  • New Customers

Ongoing License

  • No Annual Fee
  • No Per User Fee
  • Optional Enhanced Support