E-Business Suite
What are Oracle "Skins"?
Each Oracle Application comes with a default "skin" that determines the visual appearance and behaviour of the application.
It is possible for customers / implementers to create their own "skin" to give the Oracle Application a personalized visual appearance, helping to improve the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) for their users. We are the experts at creating these skins, and we are the preferred choice of implementation partners and customers worldwide.
What Technology our your EBS [11.5.10, R12, R12.2] Skins built in?
We use the standard technology that exists out-of-the-box in Oracle E-Business Suite called "Custom Look and Feel" [CLAF].
Oracle themselves use this technology to create their own skins [11.5.10 - BLAF; 12 = Swan; R12.1 - Skyros; R12.2 - Alta]. This means that our skins are not customizations.
Are "Skins" the same as "Themes"?
From R12.2.7 onwards, there is an option to create your own "Theme". Themes utilize the same technology as CLAF skins, but they are a simplified version. With Themes, customers can change '9' color-only properties of page components e.g. page background color, text color, link color. This means that the impact on the UI is limited.

In comparison, our skins typically involve changing 7000-8000 properties of page components. This enables us to enhance the UI / UX in many different ways, creating completely unique and engaging UI / UX for your users.

Do "Skins" work on Java Forms (accessed via Jinitiator)?
No. CLAF Skins work on CSS webpage technology, so your Java Forms will be unaffected. If you want to enhance a particular form that only exists in the Java Forms, then you could re-create this form as a custom OAF page. It can then pick up the skin.
How do "Skins" compare to other Oracle vendor solutions?
Most other vendors who offer enhanced UI / UX for your Oracle Applications, do so by offering a 3rd party application that sends data to and from your Oracle application. Essentially, you are buying and supporting/maintaining an additional non-Oracle application.

Our skins are not customizing your existing application, nor adding any new technology to your support/maintenance. All your existing processes / personalizations / customizations will be retained.

In addition, our prices are fixed (with no license or per user costs). This makes "Skins" a more practical and future-proofed option - and at a much lower cost of ownership.

If you have any other questions please contact us and we will be happy to assist.